Yoho Glacier

General Description:
Yoho Glacier is the largest southern outflow from the Wapta Icefield located west of Waves Creek in the Kootenay land district. It flows 7 km from the centre of the icefield at 3125 m asl to a terminus at 2150 m asl (Ommanney, 2002). Habel performed the first decription of the Yoho Glacier in 1898 when the glacier was close to its maximum and having a magnificent snow fall which attracted many visitors; thus became Yoho National Park. From then until 1945 many records were taken place; however, by 1945 it had retreated up its valley and was unsuitable for recording purposes (Ommanney, 2002). With the massive retreat, it had left behind a series of recessional moraines that aided to the hydrology of the Yoho National Park.

Yoho Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Figure 1: Yoho Glacier (Google Image, 2007)
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Mass Balance: The retreat of Yoho glacier up its valley in 1945 does not allow for easy access to the glacier for measurement purposes (Ommanney, 2002).

Name: Yoho Glacier
Latitude: 51 36'00
Longitude: 116 33'00
Location: Kootenay
Province: British Columbia
(NRC, 2007)
Yoho Glacier Progression