Vulture Glacier

General Characteristics:
Vulture glacier has a east-to-southeast aspect and the present terminus is about 2440m (USGS, 2003). In 1993 the glacier was 0.21km2 and has shrunk approximatley 18% since 1966, occuping only about 28% of its former area in 1850 (USGS, 2003).

Vulture Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Figure 1: Picture of Vulture Glacier (USGS, 2003)

Name: Vulture Glacier
Province: Alberta and British Columbia
Location: Between Banff and Jasper
Latitude: 51o 36' 18" North
Longitude: 116o 27' 56" West
Area: 4.9km2
Classification: outflow glacier
Mass Balance: retreating
(NRC, 2007; Ommanney, 2002)

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