Tumbling Glacier

Tumbling Glacier is located in the Cumberland Peninsula. It has been formed and shaped within the confines of the Pangnirtung Pass (Figure 1), and extends down into the area of Crater Lake (Davis et al., 1999).

Map of Tumbling Glacier
Figure 1: Map showing Crater Lake in Pangnirtung Pass (PP) on Cumberland Peninsula (Davis et al., 1999).

The rapid retreat of Baffin Island ice caps and glaciers that has occurred in the past two decades is consistent with the theory of global warming (Davis et al., 1999). When aerial photographs were taken of the Tumbling Glacier in 1959, it extended into Crater Lake as shown in Figure 2 (Davis et al., 1999). The Tumbling Glacier is traveling through the Pangnirtung Pass, which is the valley that is being carved out by the movement of this ice body (Davis et al., 1999).
Tumbling Glacier, 1959
Figure 2: Aerial photograph (a) and drawing (b) of the Tumbling Glacier extent in 1959 (Davis et al., 1999).

By 1976, Tumbling Glacier had retreated out of Crater Lake (Figure 3) and up the Pangnirtung Pass, but the glacial debris and floating ice tongue still extended beyond the near vertical snout (Davis et al., 1999). By 1994, the Tumbling Glacier had retreated by another 100 m from its position in 1976 as shown in Figure 3 (Davis et al., 1999).
Tumbling Glacier, 1994
Figure 3: Photograph of Tumbling Glacier retreat taken in 1994, where the dotted
line is the ice margin in 1976 (Davis et al., 1999).

Crater Lake and Tumbling Glacier
Figure 4: Tumbling Glacier and Crater lake, picture taken in July 2002 (Nopper, 2003).

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