(Annotated Bibliography)

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Expédition à travers Terre de Baffin Nunavut, Canada, 2002. January 17, 2007.
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  • This site is devoted to climbers. The Thor Peak is rated as a 5-12 climb.

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  • This report summarizes the fieldwork completed in 2004 at the Auyuittuq National Park by Geological Survey of Canada of Natural Resources Canada.

Baffin Island Introduction
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Ice Caps on Baffin Island Include:
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Glacial features in Cumberland Peninsula Include:
Boas Glacier Caribou Glacier Coronation Glacier Fork Beard Glacier Highway Glacier
Penny Ice Cap Tumbling Glacier
Glacial features in Hall Peninsula Include:
Grinnell Ice Cap
Glacial features in Meta Incognita Peninsula Include:
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