Quintino Sella Glacier

Quintino Sella Glacier

- a dust layer of undetermined origin taken from a snow sampling pit by the Ice-Core Expedition 2001, Geological Survey of Canada

Figure 1: Quintino Sella Glacier (Natural Resources Canada, 2001)

-Heads in Canada, just west of Mount Logan and merges with Columbus Glacier in the United States (USGS, 2007).

Glacier Characteristics:
Type: no data
Altitude: 3583m (USGS, 2007).
Latitude: 60 36 20N
Longitude: 140 48 30W
Width: no data
Length: no data
Volume/ Mass: no data
Thermal Regime: no data

USGS, 2007. National Mapping Information: Quintino Sella Glacier. Available at: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnis/web_query.GetDetail?tab=Y&id=1408464
(Accessed on 03/07/07).

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