Northern Coastal BC: Glaciated Areas

Illustrated below are two maps of British Columbia. The first map identifies populated areas in BC, while the second map divides Northern Coastal BC into 20 zones that encompass all of the glaciers in this part of Canada.

While various identifications of 'Northern BC' differ, for our purposes the Northern BC boundary with Southern BC begins just south of the area surrounding Prince Rupert and extends to the east such that everything north of Prince Rupert is considered to be Northern BC and everything south of that is Southern BC.

Populated Areas in British Columbia
BC Map - Populated Areas

In this image, Northern Coastal British Columbia has been arbitrarily subdivided into 20 distinct zones delineated by 1 degree of latitude and two degrees longitude beginning in the northwestern corner of the province.

Northern Coastal British Columbia - Glaciated Areas
Northern BC Glacier Zones

* Both map images have been altered from the original image to highlight separate features.
** The position of the latitude and longitude lines used as boundaries in the 2nd map image are only
approximations of their actual position and should not be considered to be fully accurate.

Click on the following links to find out more information on the glaciers located within each zone of Northern Coastal British Columbia. Zones without links do not contain glaciers!

Summary Information - All full sources are found on this page.

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