Northern BC Glaciers - Zone 20

Latitude: 54º-55º N, Longitude: 127º-129º W

Zone 20
Source: West Central British Columbia, 1:600 000 map 1F

The following table details the name and locations of the officially named glaciers in this area.
Official Name

(Centre of Glacier)

(Centre of Glacier)

Gazetteer Map Reference

Borden Glacier
54°47'00" N

128°05'00" W


Davies Glacier
54°07'00" N

128°06'00" W


Fubar Glacier
54°31'36" N

127°44'18" W


Source: BCGNIS

Additional Information:

Sir Robert Laird Borden
Borden Glacier:
Borden Glacier is named after The Right Hon. Sir Robert Laird Borden, Prime Minister of Canada from 1911 - 1920.

Fubar Glacier Supraglacial Debris FlowSource: (Prime Ministers of Canada, 2006)

Fubar Glacier: In September 1999, a supraglacial debris flow originating above Fubar Glacier severed two natural gas pipelines en route to the valley floor of Telkwa Pass. In the image (right), the path of the debris flow can be clearly seen flowing over the ice and down into the valley. Furthermore, the overridden gas pipelines and the new route around the debris flow can be seen by their respective tree cut lines.
Source: (Evans, 2001)

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