Logan Glacier

Logan Glacier
Figure 1: Logan Glacier, Yukon Territory, Canada (source: Bowen, W., 2005, http)

The Mount Logan massif seen from the NNE (Eclipse Station). Photo: Mike Demuth
Figure 2: Mount Logan Massif (GSC, http, 2006)

  • 1890: Mount Logan named by I.C. Russell to honour Sir William Edmond Logan, "founder of the Geological Survery of Canada" (USGS, http, 2007).
  • 1912-1913: named after Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada and second highest in North America (USGS, http, 2007).

Location: Heading in Canada on the northern slopes of Mount Logan (USGS, 2007).

Glacier Characteristics:

Type:no data
Altitude: no data
Length: no data
Width: no data
Volume/ Mass: no data
Thermal Regime: no data

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