Kluane Glacier

Kluane Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Kluane National Park (Source: http://www.spellofnature.com/html/glacier.htm. Hans van Klinken)

Location: The Kluane Glacier is fed the icefield by Mount Logan. It is located within one of Canada's wilderness parks, the Kluane National Park which makes up 22 000 sq. km. in the south-west corner of the Yukon Territory, Canada. It's coordinates are 60.75-61.00°N 139.00-139.50°W (http://www.jovial.on.ca/vica/
Arctic/Kluane/Kluane1.html, 2007).

Kluane Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory ProjectKluane Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Kluane Glacier (Source:http://www.jovial.on. Toe of Kluane Glacier is several hundred feet
ca/vica/Arctic/Kluane/Kluane1.html) high. The darkness of the ice represents the dirt and gravel that is taken up as the glacier moves downstream. (Source:http://www.jovial.on.ca

Click here to see historical aerial photographs of the Kluane Glacier

Glacier Behaviour: The glacier moves relatively slowly, however, once in a while, one may surge serveral kilometres in a single season (http://www.jovial.on.ca/vica/Arctic/Kluane/Kluane1.html, 2007).

Glacier Characteristics: The frontal lobe characteristic is expanded and snow is the major source feeding the glacier (GSC, 2003)

Type: This is a valley glacier (GSC, 2003)

Length: The Kluane Glacier stretches 24-32km towards the icefields

The Kluane Glacier covers an area of 59.54km2 (GSC, 2003)

Note: Very limited information.

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http://www.jovial.on.ca/vica/Arctic/Kluane/Kluane1.html. Accessed on February, 15, 2007.

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