Horseshoe Glacier

General Characteristics:
Horesehoe glacier has not been extensively studied. It is fed by snow avalanches from Ringrose Peak, Mount Lefroy, Hungabee Mountain and The Mitre at the head of Paradise Valley. The glacier has a heavily debris covered ablation zone which slows down the rate of retreat. It extends 1.3km from 2800m to 2220m asl (Ommanney, 2002). The toe of the glacier is an ice cliff and calves into a proglacial lake that is dammed by deposits left by the retreating glacier (Ommanney, 2002).

Horseshoe Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Figure 1: Location of Horsehoe Glacier (NRC, 2007)

Name: Horseshoe Glacier
Latitude: 51o20'24" N
Longitude: 116o16'34"
Province: Alberta
Location: Banff
Area: 4.3km2
Length: 1.3km
(NRC, 2007; Ommanney, 2002)
Horseshoe Glacier Progression