Glaciers on Ellesmere Island

Agassiz Ice Cap
Air Force Glacier
Alfred Ernest Ice Shelf
Alfred Newton Glacier
Allen Glacier
Ayles Ice Shelf
Cadogan Glacier
Chapman Glacier
Cory Glacier
D'Iberville Glacier
Ekblaw Glacier
Eugene Glacier
Grant Ice Cap
Green Glacier
Gilman Glacier
John Evans Glacier
Kalstenius Icefield
Leffert Glacier
Lyman Glacier
M'Clintock Ice Shelf
Manson Icefield
Markham Ice Shelf
Milne Ice Shelf
Murray Ice Cap
Otto Glacier
Prince of Wales Icefield
Small Glacier
Sparks Glacier
Split Lake Glacier
Sydkap Ice Cap
Talbot Glacier
Tanquary Glacier
Trinity Glacier
Ward Hunt Ice Shelf
Wilcox Glacier
Wykeham Glacier
Wyville Thomson Glacier

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