Fork Beard Glacier

Located on Cumberland Peninsula it is an off shooting glacier of the Penny Ice Cap (Andre, 2007). In the past 50 years there have been dramatic changes in the ice volume (Andre, 2007). In the 1950’s, this glacier reached the valley floor, but has now risen more than 300 m and is no longer visible from the valley floor
(Andre, 2007). When this glacier was named in the 1950’s it had two lobes, which was why it was named “Fork” Beard Glacier (Andre, 2007). Today there is only one lobe still present. There is a very high rate of melt occurring that is also resulting in a high degree of erosion, and mass loss.

Fork Beard Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Figure 1: North view of Mount Thor, with the Fork Beard Glacier. This picture was taken in the summer of 1997 (Allik and Mulder, 2001).

Fork Beard Glacier
Figure 2: Thor Peak and Fork Beard Glacier from across the Weasel Valley. This picture was taken in 2005 (Hodge, 2005).

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