Finding aerial photography and satellite images

McMaster Map Collection (Mills Library Room 110) has a very limited collection of air photos of the North, mostly coverage of areas of research interest of various faculty members long departed. Peyto Glacier and the Columbia Icefields are covered.

The Map Collection has many atlases that include satellite imagery (true colour reproductions). You might get lucky and find your region! For example Atlas of North America: Space Age Portrait of a Continent ( Call number G1105.N3 1985) or Satellite Atlas of the World (Call number G 1046 .A43N3 1998). To find other atlases containing satellite images, search MORRIS using "atlas satellite" in a Keywords Anywhere search.

We also have a great collection of satellite image reproductions from around the world. Again you might get lucky and find your area. Click here for the index to this collection, called "The Flying Camera" series.

All of Canada is available as satellite imagery data in digital format. The Map Collection has coverage from the LANDSAT 4 and 5 satellites for 1990 and from LANDSAT 7 for 2000. Or we can obtain CanImage data if you wish to choose your own bandwidths. You can request these files to use in ArcGIS or ER Mapper. Or we will load them for you in the Library to view and print. Click here for descriptions of all these digital images.

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