Dusty Glacier

Dusty Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Location: Dusty Glacier is located in the Alsek River valley, east of Mt. Kennedy in the Saint Elias Mountains. Dusty Glacier is located at: 60°24'00"N, 138°24'16"W (Perrier, D. 2004).


  • 1895: A well estabilished double moraine on the north valley flank was named Bear Moraine. This moraine was dated using dendrochronology (Miller, 1971).

  • 1925: A poorly developed, thin moraine line was developed on the valley flank (Miller, 1971).

  • 1965: A large terminal push moraine was created by a surge. It is believed these surges may have a connection to the Alaskan earthquakes of 1958 and 1964 (Miller, 1971).

  • 1966-8: Glacial surges ceased (Miller, 1971).

  • 1969: Glacial downwasting began (Miller, 1971).

  • 1983: Glacial surges produces icebergs (Miller, 1971).

Glacier Behaviour: Dusty Glacier has been classified as a surging glacier (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002).

Glacier Characteristics: There is a distinct pattern of medial moraine loops visible. These loops are caused by dark supraglacial debris on the north side of the glacier, suggesting surges predominately originate from the north tributary (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002).

Ice from Dusty Glacier flowing into Lowell Glacier can be seen from aerial images (see Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002 below). The short-term snowline on both glaciers may indicate that Dusty Glacier is at higher elevation. Flow from Dusty Glacier is also responsible for deformation of medial moraines on Lowell Glacier. (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002)

Shearing can be seen from the glacier's main body to the top the neve basin. This has caused a highly twisted and irregular appearance on the glacier's surface, similar to other surging glaciers in the area (Miller, 1971).

Dusty Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Here crevasing can be seen. (www.pbase.com)

Type: Surging valley glacier (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002).

Dusty Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Dusty Glacier can bee seen at the top left. (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002)

38km (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002).

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