Dome Glacier

General Description:
The Dome glacier is formed from three small glaciers that spilled over bedrock cliffs into the Dome valley (Luckman,1988). Generally the lateral extent of most glaciers can be measured or atleast approximated; however, due to the ablation, lateral and medial moraines that cover most of the surface of Dome glacier its areal extent is difficult to determine (Ommanney, 2002). Nonetheless, basic characteristics of the glacier can be determined (see Summary below).

Mass Balance:
Although the Athabasca and Dome glacier at one time coalesced, the Dome glacier has not receded as significantly due to the presence of a moraine cover (Ommanney, 2002). From 1875 to 1919 the glacier receded 530m and 318m from 1919 to 1953. Between the terminal moraine remnants and the present ice front, four recessional moraines appear (1900, 1908, 1913, and 1918) (Ommanney, 2002).

Dome Glacier
Figure 1: Dome Glacier (Ommanney, 2002)

Name: Dome Glacier
Location: Jasper National Park
Province: Alberta
Latitude: 52o12.1'
Longitude: 117o18.1'
Area: 5.92km
Length: 5.7km
Top: 3200m
Debris cover: 2.16km2
Classification: Outlet valley glacier
(Ommanney, 2002; Luckman,1988)
Dome Glacier Progression