Chitina Glacier

Chitina Glacier
Location: Chitina Glacier's accumulation zone is in the Yukon, west of Steele Glacier in the Saint Elias Mountains. The glacier flows into Alaska and is the source for the Chitina River. Chitina Glacier is located at: 610000N1413900W (USGS, 2007).


  • Recent Past: Recent Past: The current Chitina Glacier, along with Anderson, Walsh and Logan Glaciers acted as tributaries for a massive glacier that flowed in the Chitina River valley (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002).

  • 1912: The International Boundary Commission named Chitina Glacier (USGS, 2007).

  • 1980: Landsat images from 1974-1980 show Anderson Glacier overriding the terminus of Chitina Glacier as a result of a surge (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002).

Glacier Behaviour: Chitina Glacier is classified as a surging glacier (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002).

Glacier Characteristics:
A medial morraine can be seen as a result of Chitina Glacier merging with Anderson Glacier.

Piedmont valley glacier (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002).

Chitina Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Chitina Glacier can be seen merging with Anderson Glacier (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002)

70km (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002)

Thermal Regime:
Subpolar (Clarke & Holdsworth, 2002)

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