Cadogan Glacier

General Location:

Cadogan Glacier, Scale 1:5 000 000
Cadogan Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Source: (Atlas of Canada, 2007)


78o 13' 45" N - 77o 4' 24" W

Source: (Atlas of Canada, 2007)


Primary Class: 5- Valley glacier
Form: 1- Compound basins
Frontal Characteristic: 4- Calving
Major Source of Nourishment: 1- Snow
Longitudinal Profile: 1- Even, regular

(Source: World Glacier Inventory, 2005)


Photo Year (year of photo used for calculations): 1959
Total Area (square km): 798.14
Mean Width (km): 19.9
Mean Length (km): 44.1
Mean Depth (m): 600
Mean Elevation (m a.s.l.): 0
Snow Line Elevation (m a.s.l.): 315
Snow Line Date (date of snow line observation): July 7, 1959
Tongue Activity: 4- Slight advance

(Source: World Glacier Inventory, 2005)

Landsat Image of Cadogan Glacier (Central & Southeastern Ellesmere) The bedrock of Cadogan glacier is a few hundred metres thick, and extends below sea level. The dashed line on this image is where the ice-thickness profile was taken. In this image, broad, slowmoving lobes of the ice cap are indicated with arrows.
Cadogan Glacier - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project

(Source: Koerner, 2002)

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