Brodeur Peninsula

The topography of the northern part of the Brodeur Peninsula is fairly uniform (Falconer, 1970). There are primarily horizontally lying Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, including limestones, dolomites and sandstones (fig. 1) (Falconer, 1970). The coastline is made up of prominent cliffs and talus slopes, but in places, small cuspate forelands of beach material have been built up by wave action at the base of the cliffs (Falconer, 1970).

Little is known about the small ice caps located in the northeastern part of the plateau (Falconer, 1970). The glaciers are concentrated in five groups, each consisting of an apparently thin ice field with associated peripheral outlets and tenuously connected ice masses. All are on the plateau surface at approximately 550 m above sea level (Falconer, 1970). The recent peripheral melting of small and apparently stagnant ice masses on the western side of the northern group has been approximately 23 m a year.

Brodeur Peninsula - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project
Figure 1: Alluvial Fans - Brodeur Peninsula, Baffin Island, Canada (Pidwirny, 2007).

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