British Columbia and Yukon- B.C. Coast North

British Columbia and Yukon- B.C. Coast North - Canadian Glacier Inventory Project

Climatic Conditions

The climate of northern BC is generally much cooler than the southern portion of the province with varying conditions. Summers in Northern BC are quite short and cool, temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. During autumn and spring more mild temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius exist. In the winter months from November to March, Northern BC receives tremendous amounts ranging from 2000-4000mm of annual snowfall with average temperatures around -10 degrees Celsius. This high snowfall is crucial for the development of glaciers when climate can reach such highs as seen in the summer months. Throughout the area it has been documented that the temperature trends have warmed 1.7 degrees in Northern BC over the last century. A point of interest however is that temperatures are not just warming up so much, as they are not cooling down. In Northern BC the average nighttime minimum has increased 2.1 degrees in the last century. In order to realize and understand these changes in climate it is very useful to consider the glaciers so greatly effected by temperature.

source: BC Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection

Northern BC Glaciers