Boas Glacier

This glacier is a cirque glacier situated in the Auyuittuq National Park Reserve on a 1.3 km high plateau NE of Penny Ice Cap (Bell and Jacob, 1997). Studies completed at the site in the 1970s shows its inter annual net mass balance has large variations, strongly influenced by summer climate (Bell and Jacob, 1997).


Latitude: 67º 58’ N
Longitude: 65 º 27’W
Elevation: Max: 1350 Min: 750
Area: 1.4 km2
Average Mass balance over 2 years (1970 and 1972): 307 mm/year

(Dyurgerov, M. 2002)

Baffin Island Introduction
Glaciated Peninsulas Include:
Brodeur Peninsula Cumberland Peninsula Hall Peninsula Meta Incognita Peninsula
Ice Caps on Baffin Island Include:
Barnes Ice Cap Grinnell Ice Cap Penny Ice Cap Terra Nivea Ice Cap
Glacial features in Cumberland Peninsula Include:
Boas Glacier Caribou Glacier Coronation Glacier Fork Beard Glacier Highway Glacier
Penny Ice Cap Tumbling Glacier
Glacial features in Hall Peninsula Include:
Grinnell Ice Cap
Glacial features in Meta Incognita Peninsula Include:
Terra Nivea Ice Cap
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