Barnes S. Dome-1


Latitude: 69º 47’ N
Longitude: 72º 25’W
Elevation: Max: 951 Min: 365
Area: 266.6 km2
Average Mass balance of 10 years (between 1971-1983): -76 mm/year
(Dyurgerov, 2002)

Baffin Island Introduction
Glaciated Peninsulas Include:
Brodeur Peninsula Cumberland Peninsula Hall Peninsula Meta Incognita Peninsula
Ice Caps on Baffin Island Include:
Barnes Ice Cap Grinnell Ice Cap Penny Ice Cap Terra Nivea Ice Cap
Glacial features in Cumberland Peninsula Include:
Boas Glacier Caribou Glacier Coronation Glacier Fork Beard Glacier Highway Glacier
Penny Ice Cap Tumbling Glacier
Glacial features in Hall Peninsula Include:
Grinnell Ice Cap
Glacial features in Meta Incognita Peninsula Include:
Terra Nivea Ice Cap
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Decade Glacier Effects of Climate Change on Baffin References

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