BC Coast South Study Area

Study Area
Figure: Southern coast of British Columbia study area (modified from Natural Resources Canada, 2006).

The B.C. Coast South region extends along the Pacific coast of British Columbia from the B.C. -U.S.A border to Prince Rupert, B.C. in the north. The region encompasses much of the coastal mountain range and also includes Vancouver Island. There are 1000s of glaciers located within the B.C. Coast South region. Below is a map showing the names and locations of many of the present day glaciers.

Glaciers around Whistler, BC

Figure: Glaciers in the Whistler B.C.surrounding region (modified from Google Earth).

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Growing list and Fast Facts of glaciers in BC Coast South
BC Coast South Glacier Inventory

Take a closer look at the glaciers within 3 sub-regions of the B.C. Coast study area:
Garibaldi Provincial Park
Mount Waddington Region
Lillooet Region

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