Annotated Bibliography

Braun, Carsten. University of Massachusetts - Department of Geosciences.(2003). Land-Atmosphere-Ice and Snow Interactions in the High Arctic: the Hazen Plateau, Ellesmere Island. March 20, 2007,

This website provided relevant information and diagrams, specifically to do with studies of mass balance, and current research in this study area. Also, there were many colour/detailed photos and research methods provided.

Canadian Space Agency. (2007). Feature Image on Home Page. March 8, 2007, from: Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency website provided an image of the current location of the ice island compared to the location of the original separation point.

Environment Canada. (2007). Ayles Ice Shelf. March 7, 2007, from: Environment Canada

This website was very informative about the breakup of Ayles Ice Shlef. It had photos and information about when and what happened when the Ayles Ice Island broke off. It also had many useful links to other websites.

Environment Canada. (2004). Canadian Climate Normals 1971-2000. March 5, 2007, from: Environment Canada

This particular website was used to compile climate data for Ellesmere Island. The raw data on the site provided the data used to make the graphs located on the Weather Facts page. The extreme weather values were also used as interesting facts on the page. (2007). Enormous ice shelf snaps off in Arctic - Powerful breakup Picked Up By Quake Monitors. March 7, 2007, from:

This website provided an animation of the breakup of the Ayles Ice Shelf. It also provided background knowledge of the breakup.

Horrocks, Karen. (2003). MODIS Rapid Response System: Image Gallery. February 16, 2007, from:

The above website was very helpful for satellite images of Ellesmere Island. It was used to compile a time lapse series of photos showing the progression of ice on the island. It was also one of the sites where the most current satellite photos of the island were found.

Koerner, R. (2002). Glaciers of Canada: Glaciers of the High Arctic Islands. Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the world. Febuary 12, 2007 from

This article was very useful in providing detailed satellite photos of several glaciers on Ellesmere. Also it contained research pertaining to ice velocity, mass balance, ice coverage, as well as a little background information on the island. It was particularly useful because it was more recent than much of the material available on Ellesmere Island.

Marsh, James. (2007). The Canadian Encylopedia: Ellesmere Island. March 1, 2007, from:

This reference was used to gather the initial information about Ellesmere. The site was helpful in providing general characteristics about the island such as its location and size. It was also used for its pictures in various areas of the site.

Naional Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).(2007). /

The NASA website was used for some satellite imagery, and to provide brief summaries of information gathered by the data collected.

National Snow and Ice Data Center. 1999, updated 2005. World glacier inventory. World Glacier Monitoring Service and
National Snow and Ice Data Center/World Data Center for Glaciology. Boulder, CO. Digital media. February 10, 2007, from:

This reference was used to obtain various measurement values for the glaciers on Ellesmere Island. This reference was also very helpful in determining the names of some of the glaciers on Ellesmere.

Natural Resources Canada. (2007). The Atlas of Canada. February 5, 2007, from:

The Natural Resources Canada site was extremely helpful for the glaciers page of the website. It provided pictures, latitude and longitude coordinates and some general characteristics for many of the glaciers on the island. The website served as an excellent starting point when researching the many glaciers on Ellesmere.

Science Daily. (2006). Ice shelf breaks off in Candian Arctic. March 7, 2007, from: Science Daily

This website was useful in gaining additional knowledge about the separation of Ayles Ice Shelf.

Wright, John.(1940). South-East Ellesmere Island The Geographical Journal, Vol. 95, No. 4 (Apr., 1940), pp. 278-291 doi:10.2307/1788464, March 21, 2007, from: JSTOR (2000-2007)

This website provided very interesting material for the Ellesmere Island website. The documents from available provided a glimpse into the history of research and discovery on Ellesmere Island, and made it possible to show how far research has come in the last century.

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