1. Instructions to Geo 4G03 students

You will work in groups of four for this project. Each group will be given a different glaciated region of Canada to investigate.

For the region you have been allocated you must:

1. Identify all the glaciers in the region.

2. Locate maps and satellite images for the region.
  • Both modern and historical (older) images should be located if possible. Use these images to determine the amount of advance or retreat of the glacier margin that has occurred.
  • Also identify the position of the firn line (equilibrium line) on the images and record its changing position over time.

3. Locate information about glacier characteristics, history and behaviour in your region using scientific journal articles, books, atlases, and creditable websites.
  • Use this information to create an annotated bibliography for your region (half page summary for each source).
  • Tabulate information about glacier characteristics including type (e.g., outlet, valley, cirque), altitude, length, width, volume/mass, thermal regime, and any other important features.

This is a ‘dynamic’ project and we may require additional – or different types – of information on your glaciated region as we find out what is available.

Have fun with this! – it has not been done before – and we can create a valuable database containing up-to-date information about Canadian glaciers.